Monday, May 13, 2013

Relieving Stress with Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] is a powerful mind-body self-care tool that helps bypass the barriers keeping you from achieving emotional balance, physical health, and self-awareness. EFT can help you identify the source of your stress, relieve the symptoms of stress, reveal healthy, positive choices that will help you move forward, and remove any mental or emotional blocks that keep you from acting on these choices. The best part is that EFT is a tool that is--quite literally--at your fingertips, and once learned, can be practiced on your own.

EFT works by combining gentle acupressure point stimulation--“tapping”--with cognitive restructuring and mindfulness. It is a fast, effective approach that blends the fundamentals of acupuncture theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) (without needles, of course!). As you tap on particular acupressure points on your body, you say statements that help you zero in on what is really causing your distress. By bypassing the "noise" in your mind--noise such as negative judgements, self-doubt, and blame--you get straight to core of your problem, and heal from stress faster.

EFT is, at its core, a mindfulness practice that helps open our hearts and minds to self-awareness and the possibility of change. The gentle tapping keeps our energy moving and our minds focused, and the statements allow us to determine exactly what we need to do to feel better. When we are stuck, EFT is the catalyst that helps us move forward. 

If you'd like to learn more about how EFT can relieve your stress, please visit my Website at and download my free e-book, "EFT for Self-Care: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners." 

EFT Tapping Points

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